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A Completely Incomplete Collection
of our Collective Works

Blues in Sol

Tripticos are, essentially, 3 in 1 poems. They are textual constructs that challenge the perception of normative monolingual literacy by bringing together the constitutive elements of two separate language systems while, at the same time, maintaining their individual cultural particularities.


Marysol de Luna se ha dedicado a crear una literatura que ella llama telenovelesca por sus obvias referencias e irreverencias, tanto estilísticas como narrativas. Sus textos telenovelescos juegan entre lo burdamente programado del amor en pantalla, las ridículas interpelaciones sociales de los comerciales intercalados, y la irónica cotidianidad de las vivencias que bien oscilan entre lo verídico de la vida y lo absurdo televisado.


Perspectivas Contrastantes are texts which invoke visuality through high contrast black and white images. The images offer contrasting perspectives on culture as the search for meanings are “colored” by each viewer’s sociocultural referent. These images reflect the insights of an artist in the process of transcending normative sight while constantly challenging society to erase the boundaries between the margins and the center.

Wolf Moon

Lobo Luna Films, an independent alternative film cooperative based in Toronto, Canada, is committed to the development, production, and distribution of documentary films that focus on cultural and political expressions of resistance from the disenfranchised or under-represented peoples of the Americas.

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