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Who are we?


Victor. R. Rivas

Textualizer, visualizer, and Documentary Filmmaker.
Theorist of Transgressional Ethics, Transient Realities, and Cultures of Resistance.


L. M. Apache

Poison Pen Journalist and Cultural Critic.
Urban Instrumentalist and Musical Decomposer.

Editor, Critical Bone


Raksha L. Villalobos

Co-founder of Lobo Luna Films.
Contextual Editor, Ontological Ghostwriter, and creator of Virtualities.

Textual Artist of Tropical Lycanthropy

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 2.13_edited.jpg

Marysol de Luna

Co-Founder of Lobo Luna Films.
Media Critic, Poet, and Telenovela Therapist.


T. Rex Kingrey

Oral Historian, Digital Expressionist and Tropological Tinkerer

Textual Artist of Mother Isabel’s Last Fling: The Virtual Confessions of a Cyber Madam.


Farah Ankaly Aibol

Creative Activist and Critical Disability Theorist.
Advocate for Human Radicals and Progressive Reform.

The Tropotopia Collective: Meet the Team
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